AACAP 64th Annual Meeting

Datum: 23 okt - 28 okt 2017
Plats: Washington, USA

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 64th annual meeting offers a multitude of different programs. Each type of program has a unique focus and purpose, so you can pick the programs that best fit your needs.

  • Clinical Case Conference Allows clinicians to present difficult case material and includes discussions of diagnostic, clinical formulation, and/or treatment issues. These programs are three hours long and open to all attendees.
  • Clinical Consultation Breakfast A forum for experts to share clinical wisdom and discuss difficult cases with attendees. These programs are one and a half hours long, require a ticket, and limited to 15 participants.
  • Clinical Perspectives Similar to Symposia, Clinical Perspectives present a particular topic related to treatment, research method, service delivery, or clinical care, which is evidenced-based, but also includes the ”art’ and clinical wisdom of the practice of child and adolescent psychiatry. These programs are three hours long and open to all attendees.
  • Clinical/Research Practicum Clinical or Research Practica provide members with guidelines on the assessment and treatment of a specific clinical topic or guidance on pursuing a career in research. The Practica take place offsite from the hotel and feature facilities that are unique to the host city. A ticket is required, and attendance is limited to 30 AACAP members.
  • Committee Meeting Official meetings of AACAP’s Committees and are open to all AACAP members, unless otherwise noted.
  • Extended Workshop is a full day program, 6-8 hours in duration. Extended Workshops provide additional time and opportunity to master evidence-based therapeutic interventions beyond what is possible in the standard 3-hour Workshop. At its conclusion, participants should have gained sufficient expertise to implement newly learned treatment approaches or interventions into their clinical practices. Extended Workshops can have a maximum of 40 participants.
  • Institute Focuses on ”how to do it” with respect to clinical problems, academic areas, or a blending of the two. Institutes are designed for attendees who wish to be taught a comprehensive and authoritative overview of a topic area. Institutes are full day programs and require a ticket. Notebooks with all program materials are included.
  • Media Theatre Features motion pictures, commercially released documentaries, videotapes, music, and other forms of media relevant to any area of child and adolescent psychiatry. These programs are two to three hours in length and open to all attendees.
  • Member Forum An open discussion for AACAP members, about a topic specific to AACAP membership.
  • Member Services Forum Designed to provide a practical service to AACAP members, such as training on how to be an advocate or updates on CPT codes.
  • New Research Poster Session Authors present the results of data-rich research or clinical reports with opportunity for feedback from viewers. There are six New Research Poster Sessions throughout the meeting, and they are open to all attendees.
  • Special Interest Study Group Allow individuals with similar interests to share their clinical or research experience, develop collaborations or networks, or discuss mutual interests. These programs are limited to 25 attendees and a ticket is required.
  • Symposium Data-driven programs that present perspectives on different aspects of a topic or differing views of the same topic. These programs are three hours in length and open to all attendees.
  • Workshop Provide instruction on treatment, research method, delivery, or organization of services, and are designed to encourage discussion in a small group. They are limited to 30 attendees and a ticket is required for attendance.